Add These Stops to your ‘Chillagoe’ Road Trip

One of the best out west experiences is the road to Chillagoe, aka the Wheelbarrow Way, named after the Chinese miners of the late 1800s who transported  all their belongings in a handcart on the 143km route you will retrace.

The Wheelbarrow Way, Image by @theashtrees 


A signpost outside Mareeba tells the story. Next stop – Dimbulah’s Camp 64, a café / museum with a nod to the region’s former life as a training ground area for WW2 soldiers.

Camp 64 Cafe & Museum, Image by @joanna20000921

Informed and well fed, drive another 30km to the tiny town of Petford. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Little Free Library along the way – a book swap under a tree beside Eureka Creek.

Just down the track poke around the Almaden Railway Station where the Savannahlander stops. Have a cold beer in the pub or stretch your legs in the big emptiness.

SavannahLander at Almaden, Image by @discoverying_australia

Chillagoe and its cathedral like limestone caves, derelict mining smelter and delicate balancing rock complete this outback drive.


Chillagoe Smelters, Image by @___leela.___

Featured Image by @jilarapearl / Instagram