December Impressions of the Atherton Tablelands

Summer beginnings with lots of sunny road trips chasing waterfalls all over the Atherton Tablelands while discovering hidden gems – what a remarkable way to end the year. Merry Christmas and a joyful 2020 everyone.

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Hidden gems around Lake Eacham

Image by @lijey_d

Sunsets in Paradise near Atherton

Image by @the.fools.way

Millaa Millaa Falls

Image by @theworldlobster

Infinity Pool at Davies Creek

Image by @troyspiller 

Bush Stone Curlews … the most innocent look

Image by @earthdreaming

Halls Falls, Wondecla

Image by @jonah_dunstan

Crawford’s Lookout from above

Image by @100m_up

Windin Falls

Image by @makinglifeatrip

A gorgeous little pool is on the way to Nandroya Falls.

Image by @_dontwannagohome_