Malanda Falls

The Malanda Falls on the North Johnstone River are a triple treat for tourists.

The Malanda Falls on the North Johnstone River are a triple treat for tourists – the cascade with its own swimming pool, two rainforest walkways and a glorious picnic spot.

The Malanda Falls are part of the waterfalls and volcanic craters circuit on the Atherton Tablelands and are one kilometre from Malanda on the Malanda-Atherton Road.

They are known as Tutamonlin by the traditional owners of the area, Ngadjon-Jii. There is an information centre at the falls, which are within the Malanda Falls Conservation Park.

While many of the waterfalls in the area are off the beaten track, Malanda Falls are right by the main road and super easy to get to.

The falls are four metres high and 30 metres wide and the cool, fresh water tumbles over old basalt lava flows.

The area is safe for swimming, except after very heavy rain. There is even a beach and plenty of shallow spots for children (and non-swimming big kids!) to paddle.

In front of the falls is a man-made swimming pool. It was first surveyed in 1906 and served as Malanda’s baths for many years, with a diving board and retaining wall added in the 1920s by the local council – who also warned against nude bathing.

The extensive grounds around the falls are perfect for picnics and barbecues and the different levels and stepped paths ensure a quiet nook is easy to find.

The different terraces and beautiful trees mean shade is always on hand. There are lots of grassed areas, which are easily accessible for picnics or setting up the deck chairs. Or visitors can take a pew under the canopy on the bench seats dotted around the vicinity.

The falls’ jungle fringe includes two walks of about half an hour which offer a range of flora and fauna. Both are easy tracks.

Any visit to Malanda Falls should include a stop at the visitor centre, which is open 9am to 4.30pm every day except major holidays.

It includes restrooms facilities and a shop as well as information, displays and children’s activities. It’s blessed with a wide veranda overlooking the jungle and the adjacent Tree Kangaroo Café.

To further explore the Malanda Falls area, walks with a Ngadjon-Jii guide can be booked.

For more information visit the Malanda Falls website.

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