Top 10 Things to Do Around Lake Tinaroo

Tinaroo is a destination in itself but it is also surrounded by things to do and see. We’ve put together 10 highlights that you simply must do…

Image: @nurpalau

*Check out Lake Barrine. This lovely lake is one of the jewels of the Atherton Tablelands  for several reasons. Its pristine waters are fringed by rainforest and a visit can include a slow cruise round the perimeter. Take tea in the charming café at the water’s edge or just wander around the grounds, there are lots of little fish along the shore line and the twin kauri trees some 1000 years old are just a short stroll into the rainforest.

*Go for a drive. There is lots to see and all the time in the world on holiday. Drop in on the lake’s little inlets and bays for a picnic, or climb to one of the lookouts in the area for a magnificent view.

*Enjoy the quaint streets and village shops of Yungaburra. This pretty hamlet has lots of cafes and restaurants to wine and dine in and you will enjoy the arts and crafts vibe of this community with the highest percentage of heritage listings in regional Queensland.

Image: @simon.worley

*Be awed by the Cathedral Fig Tree in Danbulla National Park. This awesome specimen of a strangler fig tree is huge and is just a short stroll from the car park. Relish a chance to see beautiful rainforest and a botanical giant simultaneously.

*Go looking for a lookout. Great views can be had from both Tinaroo Falls Dam Lookout and Hallorans Hill Conservation Park. They will put everything in perspective!

Image: @rena_dewdrop

*Learn how to paddle board on Lake Tinaroo or Lake Eacham. Nice and flat, both lakes are good places to explore on a board particularly with friends and family. There are several companies offering lessons to try supping.

*Avenue of Honour – this tribute to the fallen of Afghanistan, is a living memorial right on the shores of Lake Tinaroo. The Avenue of Illawara flame trees flowers November to early January and is in full crimson bloom for Remembrance Day. Benches along the way invite visitors to sit and reflect.

*Walks – there are five walks of varying lengths and grade off Dunbulla Road. Watch out for  wildlife in the forest – you may see a rare green eyed tree frog or well camouflaged Boyd’s forest dragon. If not, the bush turkeys will keep you company,

*Go fishing – barramundi are regularly introduced into the lake so have a go. You will however need a licence, or you could try catch red claw – the local indigenous crayfish.

Image: @el_baito_slayo

*Just relax, there are so many gorgeous places to pull up a pew and gaze out at terrific Tinaroo and the Atherton Tablelands beyond. Have a picnic, fire up the barbie or fill a glass and drink in the view.