Atherton Tablelands Birdwatchers’ Cabin

The modern self-contained and well-appointed cabin is the only guest accommodation on our 35 acre forest property, which borders onto the Wet Tropics World Heritage area.

Atherton Tablelands Birdwatchers Cabin

Our property is on the western side of Mt. Hypipamee Nat. Park and we share a 250m boundary with Herberton Range Nat. Park. The cabin was purpose-built with a maximum of comfort and privacy for our guests in mind. Through the use of a lot of glass, the cabin is intended to be rather a connection to the forest than a separation from it. The cabin’s veranda, orientated towards our small creek, is an ideal spot for watching wildlife. Being in the ecotone between rainforest and tall eucalypt forest, we have an abundance of fauna: more than 100 species of birds (daily visitors are Victoria’s Riflebirds, King Parrots, Mountain Thornbills, many honeyeaters), many mammals (tree kangaroos, at least 10 species of possums and gliders), butterflies, Boyd’s Forest Dragons, Leaf-tailed geckoes. Species lists on our website. Here at 1000m elevation summers are very pleasant! We are close to excellent birding hot spots in a variety of ecosystems. Bromfield Swamp and Mt.Hypipamee N.P. are 10 minutes, Hasties Swamp 20 minutes away.

Free WiFi.

As a matter of course we are trying to have a small environmental footprint. There are many features on our property and in the cabin towards that end. We think they are self-evident, and do not need to be listed here.