Bundarra Pottery

Annette Tranter Ceramic Artist

Annette Tranter

Bundarra pottery work area is practical and spacious and Annette encourages visitors to take time to watch her throw pots on the wheel or ask questions about what stage of the process she is at. In the gallery area of the studio the works are displayed for all to enjoy.

Bundarra Pottery is set in a tropical garden and with scenic views of the Atherton Tablelands.

Annette has a deep grounding in stoneware ceramics and pottery, being trained during the 1970’s when “The Craft Movement” was dominated by pottery. She says “I still remember, as if yesterday, first seeing a potter working on the wheel. I was in awe of the art form and was instantly totally besotted with clay and fire.

Her first experience of clay work came from her high school art teacher, who was passionate about teaching the complex and lengthy creative process of pottery and artistic ceramics. During her developing years Annette was influenced by the works of Phillip and Carl McConnell, Hiroe Swen, Merv Feeney and many others, meeting the artists and attending workshops and summer schools, and developing her enthusiasm.

Annette balanced her creativity with motherhood as she worked as a self motivated ceramist, on a part time basis. In more recent years of her pilgrimage, Annette has completed studies for a Certificate III in Studio Ceramics and a Diploma of Visual Arts, as well as attending a myriad of workshops.

Please make time to wander and enjoy, when you visit.

Phone or text text Annette on 0428401970 to ensure she is available for your visit