Savannah Way

The Gem Den FNQ

Local gems being faceted onsite for all to see. Jewellery and products being made using local gems.

Gem Den

From jewellery to clothing and homewares… …we have something for everyone!
  • Here you can relax & enjoy refreshments with locally grown produce
  • Sieve through a bucket of ‘wash’ fossicking for Topaz
  • Gear up with tools & knowledge and head off to the diggings
  • See how gemstones are cut & polished to perfection
  • Shop for the finest gems, jewellery, gifts & souvenirs in the region

Take a choice of tours or go alone and hire or buy your own equipment. See how gems are cut and set.

There is plenty of information available covering the six gem and gold fossicking areas and the possibility of finding topaz, aquamarine, quartz, peridot, moonstone, agate, fluorite and gold is enormous.