Swags Under Stars

Unique tour is swag camping at its finest!

Swags under stars

From our Cairns base in North Queensland we will guide you on a journey around this incredibly diverse part of Australia.

Our full three day tour will take you from world heritage listed rainforests, to the big skies of the outback; from classic Aussie bush to lush cratered tablelands.
Engage your senses both day and night when, after sunset, you have a campfire to dine by and a carpet of stars to snooze under each night.

This is a full 3 day/2 night swag camping experience based in Cairns, North Queensland. With this approximate 900km round trip you will take in a stunning variety of landscapes, flora and fauna with all native wildlife seen in their natural environment plus plenty of interpretation by your accredited guide.

All meals are provided whilst on tour and both nights are spent in areas with considerably less rainfall than our origin in the wet tropics, so experiencing clear, starry nights is common during our tour.