Cassowary Coast

Wildside Adventures

Take a paddle on the wildside in your own self-steered Sports Raft. An unforgettable experience of fun, adrenaline and laughter awaits as you navigate through grade 2 and 3 rapids of the stunning Tully River, fringed by the oldest rainforests in the world. Under the instruction of our expert guides you will emerge as a victorious Wildside ‘White Water Warrior’ with memories to last a life time.

Our tour begins with a pick-up from your accommodation Mission Beach or Tully Information Centre, you’ll meet your experienced wild guides for the day with introductions and big smiles.

A 45 minute informative drive from the beach (or Tully) along the beautiful winding Tully Gorge Road into World Heritage National Park and Rainforests to the Tully Gorge Rec park. If you are lucky you may see a Cassowary along the way. Change rooms and toilets are available at the Rec park. Here we unload the rafts, kit you up and talk you through some handy rafting instruction before pairing you up in your rafts. If you are confident and there are enough rafts we’ll even let you go on your own!

We enter the Tully river in a beautiful calm section of the Gorge. Here our expert guides will show you everything you need to know to become a ‘White water warrior.’ When we are all happy….the fun begins….

We start off with our ‘practice rapid’. A nice span of small rapids to let you practice your paddling and turns and give you a feel for the water, your raft and for things to come. Our guides will be with you every step of the way – showing you the best way to go and what to look out for. Stretches of calm separates each group of rapids where the sights and sounds of nature connect you back to the wild. Ulysses butterflies, birds of prey, rainbow bee eaters are a common sight. Focus and you will see so much more as you cruise through 410 million year old Rainforests. The scenery alone is worthy of the experience. But don’t get too distracted – here come some rapids – woo hoo!

Rapids get a little bigger and trickier, you’ll watch the water currents, dodge rocks, steer your raft to take the rapids head on, crash through a wall of foaming water, and emerge drenched but euphoric at the feeling of the conquest, and eager for more. And more you shall get..…With each rapid comes more confidence, more control and more excitement. You may go in, you may not, but that’s how nature rolls, and one things for certain, what nature teaches you, will be with you forever.… what you learn about yourself is priceless….Welcome ‘White Water Warrior’ You paddled, conquered and survived the Wildside.

With any luck by the time we load the rafts onto the trailer, the grin on your face may have relaxed enough to wrap your lips around a nice cold beer, Change into some dry clothes, jump on the bus and relax for your cruisy ride back to civilisation.

Thankyou for being part of our family for the day and may the Wildside in you live on.