Blooming Wonderful Weekend in Herberton

Spring has sprung and the best place to see the splendour of the new season is Herberton this weekend.

A lush patch of petunias in pink and purple.

The town is blooming lovely with the Herberton Flower Show in the old Shire Hall.

Gardeners, locals, visitors, children…it’s show time for everyone!

Herberton Flower Show has been run by the Herberton Garden Group for 71 years and they know how to display botanics at their colourful best.

A feast for the eyes and nose and taste buds, the show has ideas and advice about gardening as well as lots of displays, plenty of side stalls, raffles and an array of things to eat and drink.

Red roses blooming

It’s old school fun with the MAS (Mature Age Singers) choir filling the hall with beautiful music and don’t miss the apron parade – or bring an imaginative pinny yourself and model it to the max!

Wandering around the show always leaves you amazed at the flower power in Herberton which has such an incredibly diverse climate; the area has a tropical vineyard as well as frosts! The show presents English country garden favourites alongside the beautiful flowers of more exotic climates – think pansies and petunias flirting with hibiscus and bird of paradise.

Chinese Rose Blooming

As well as blossoms and plants there are floral art and other crafts, photography and school displays.  The show runs from 1 to 5pm on Saturday and 9am to 1pm on Sunday. Herberton is a remarkable destination on the Tablelands and you’ll find the Flower Show is a big bouquet from this distinctive town to you.

Hibiscus in full bloom