December Impressions of the Atherton Tablelands

Another year is coming to it’s end, and up here in Tropical North Queensland, we had plenty of water to wash away the old and make space for the new.

And since there is nothing that feels better than a refreshing dip in clear waters after endless days of heat, our most favourite photos of your Atherton Tablelands adventures this month are waterfalls, and then some!

Thank you all for the #hashtagging!

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Millaa Millaa Falls

Image by @@mycolourfulworld_

Zillie Falls

Image by @jamesconomos

Nandroya Falls

Image by @frozygraphie

Granite Gorge

Image by @tracysugi

Ellinjaa Falls

Image by @madeline_hiscox

Barron Falls

Image by @_rox_vetI