January Impressions of the Atherton Tablelands

January had us diving into a new decade and new adventures all across the Atherton Tablelands, with refreshing dips in waterfalls, lakes and natural infinity pools.

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Serenity at Lake Eacham

Image by @makinglifeatrip

Holding on to the weekend like this Goanna to the tree

Image by @dhummler

Watching the sun set at Davies Creek

Image by @makinglifeatrip

Zooming in on Millaa Millaa Falls

Image by @jimmygi_

Lush Milla Milla Lookout

Image by @100m_up

Chillagoe Mungana National Park

Image by @allastalladventures

Cooling off at Davies Creek

Image by @troyspiller

Cassowary near Kuranda

Image by @kuranda_rainforest_journeys

Fairytales at Nandroya Falls

Image by @elisehalina