Loving it up on the Atherton Tablelands

The Atherton Tablelands are full of captivating, romantic spots worthy of a proposal. Here’s a few heart shaped ideas…

Wildlife lodges

Wildlife lodges are dotted around the Atherton Tablelands offering privacy in a romantic rainforest setting. Think gourmet food, a bottle of wine to sip overlooking stunning views and the peace and quiet to concentrate on love. Bring some rose petals to scatter – or hibiscus for tropical décor. Declare your love under the stars, in a big, bubbly bathtub or watching the antics of animals on your front porch.

On SkyRail

SkyrailNow that you’ve got your partner all alone pop the question in your own pod high above the gorgeous Tropical North Queensland rainforest. A little bit zany and hopefully they’ll be swept away in the moment. A proposal in a gondola – definitely a highlight of your own love story.  (PS – they do weddings too!)

Overlooking a waterfall

October Impressions of the Atherton Tablelands - Millaa Milla Falls by hayleybeexx

Millaa Millaa Falls / Image: hayleybeexx

There’s nothing like the beauty and power of waterfalls to create that pinch-me moment. The Atherton Tablelands have many to choose for but for sheer romantic good looks try Millaa Millaa Falls. Even the name is pretty. It’s utterly mesmerising and enchanting, surrounded by tropical forest. Take a picnic, some chocolates and bubbles and tell your beloved you want to be theirs forever.

Forest walk

Ancient Rainforest surrounding volcanic crate lake Eacham

Whether it’s a gentle stroll by a lake or more arduous climb for the view at the summit, the Tropical North Queensland wilderness is a picture-perfect back drop to declaring your love. With jaw-dropping trees, little woodland creatures and gallons of beauty and serenity this is a truly magical stage for the most important question of your life. Walk back hand in hand through a glade of gorgeousness to start the best of the rest of your life.

Hot air balloon

Five hundred metres above the ground, silently gliding along and a big red sun climbing into the sky. A new day and what a way to propose – in a hot air balloon. The Atherton Tablelands are a mecca for hot air ballooning and whether you hire a balloon just for you and your fiancé-to-be or go with the crowd it’s a unique place to go down on one knee. Nothing says love like floating dreamily through the clouds.

Good look

Take your intended to one of the many lookouts on the Atherton Tablelands. McHugh’s near Millaa Millaa in particular is a stunner with amazing views framed by a lovely rustic wooden fence. Sunrise is very romantic if you are both early risers. Gazing out over this pastoral patchwork is magical…if you can drag yourself away from gazing at each other.