Top Tips for Better Pics

We are all guilty of taking thousands of photos a year with digital and phone cameras, and most will never see the light of day. But what if we are looking for something a little more special? Something that will capture the moment? Here’s a quick guide to taking awesome holiday pics:

*Use the light – and it’s at its golden best an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset.

Image: @escape_discover_explore

*Use trees and rainforest to frame scenes and people – it’s a unique way to focus on a person and a backdrop.

*There will be lots of opportunities for underwater pics on the Atherton Tablelands – waterfalls, lakes, freshwater creeks, so consider bringing/buying an underwater camera.

*Don’t despair if it’s rainy or just cloudy – people won’t be squinting and shadows won’t be strong. Shoot from above your subject and think about using a pop of colour in your frame.

*Be prepared to get in close to your subject – well maybe not all (think local wildlife). Generally, the closer you are to people and animals the better. Consider moving your subject away from the centre of the pic sometimes, off-centre photos can be quite creative.

Image: @spraggii

*Be stealthy. The best family/group photos are often un-posed and quite informal.  Catch those spontaneous and relaxed moments of the holiday for posterity.

*Taking good wildlife photos involves two skills as well as a bit of photography know how – being prepared and being patient. Anywhere on the Atherton Tablelands an amazing animal may pop up so be camera ready at all times. Also be prepared to wait for the perfect moment to take the best shot of your furry or feathered subject.

*A Go Pro may be the way to go for action holiday photos whether it’s swimming, biking, quad biking or boating.

*Remember to add some perspective when photographing big things like trees or caves. Get a person in there to show size.

Image: @mitch.toft

*If you are taking photos to the west of the Atherton Tablelands where the sun is brighter and the scenery drier, keep your ISO (light control) down – the lower the setting the better the quality. Also think about shading the lens.

And if you want some tips while on holiday, several photographers on the Atherton Tablelands offer workshops to get the most out of your wildlife photography.