When is the ideal time to visit the Atherton Tablelands?

The best time to visit the Atherton Tablelands is – anytime!   The Atherton Tablelands is blessed with a temperate climate making it comfortable all year round, free of the coastal humidity.

The northern part of the region enjoys cool, dry winters and warm, wet summers with minimum daily temperatures in winter rarely falling below 15ºC and maximum daily summer temperatures rarely exceeding 35ºC.   To the south, rainfall is much higher with the area around Topaz recording some of the highest annual rainfall in Australia. Temperatures are also lower with an average range of between 17 and 25ºC from September to June and between 5 and 14ºC from July to August.

Some winter seasons the temperature has been known to drop bellow 5ºC particularly in the southern areas of the Atherton Tablelands. These winter days will be clear and the nights are perfect for stargazing.

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